Determining on the best lawn mowers is mostly a logical decision process, and is based on the level of quality of the machine, the shape of the grass area, severalty of grades and existence of barriers, for example, fences and rocks in the yard. Also, mowers vary in structure and are designated for the peculiarities of the person working with the equipment.

Several categories of mowers include; manual-real, which depends on the push strength of the individual operating the property, and an electric mower that uses an electric motor as a source of its energy. Additionally, you can choose a gas-power, zero-turn-radius and robotic mowers, and the process of selecting the equipment depends on several characteristics which include the following:

Performance of The Equipment

All mowers perform similar functions, but their effectiveness varies depending on several aspects, such as how well they cut the lawn and the breadth of their cutting paths. For instance, mowers with a slashing pathway of above 21 inches reduce the period of mowing the grass.

Moreover, depending on the variety of the grass in your garden, and your personal preferences, you should select the height of cutting of the machinery you choose. Some types of lawns can look perfect when cut short while others will look best at an average or a longer length.

If your garden is big, for instance, you should select a mower with an attachment of the larger grass bag which will allow you to mow for a long time without stopping for every 5-10 minutes to empty the clippings from the sack.

Design of The Mower

Every mower is unique and contains some characteristics such as the heaviness and power, which distinguishes it from other grass cutters, and which makes it mow the grassland seamlessly. For instance, the weight of the machine affects its manoeuvrability. The lightweight equipment makes mowing a large or hilly land easier, particularly if you are to cut the lawns around trees or under the flower beds.

Similarly, the size of the engine can make a difference on how well the machine cuts the grass, but you do not require a large mower to realise the best outcomes. Specifically, lawn cutters that have 150cc engine contain much power to work on an average garden. Your comfortability when working with the equipment is also important, and if you are over 6 feet tall, you should select a mower with an adjustable handle for easy mowing.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Mowing can become a less tasking exercise, especially if you choose a mower having a built-in self-propulsion which makes guiding of the machine about the yard easy. Some of the impulsions you can choose from include; front-, all-wheel and rear- drive.

A front-wheel drive is the best option if your machine has more weight in the front as it keeps the wheels moving flawlessly on the ground. Most self-propelled mowers have a particular speed, but the most efficient varieties can have variable velocities that allow you to regulate according to your walking pace.

Also, when selecting a grass cutter, you should choose the most efficient mulching mower that chops up lawn trimmings into small pieces, hence reducing the clippings to be bagged.

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