How much space do you need for your garden?

How much space do you need for your garden?

How much space do you need for your garden?

How much space do you need for your garden? This question is way more popular than you could possibly believe. In fact, a lot of people keep thinking about this rather than actually starting a garden and seeing how it all works out. Don’t let this small, pesky detail make much of a difference. If you have a garden, then you should be able to do gardening.

If your garden is so small that you can’t squat and cut some twigs and spade your soil, then it’s not fit to be called a garden. On the other hand, if you can perform these tasks with relative success, then you don’t have any reason to complain. Your garden is definitely big enough to simply get to work and start with the gardening process.

Small gardens are a viable option

The excuse that the garden isn’t big enough isn’t a new one. It’s been out there ever since gardening was a thing. People who didn’t want to do any gardening but didn’t want to let others know that they simply didn’t want to garden or were, in fact, too lazy to do so, used the excuse that their garden wasn’t’ big enough. It’s something that works too. No one would want you to be gardening in a garden that’s too small to be in.

If you don’t want to do gardening, then you should come clean to yourself and to your friends and admit that you simply don’t want to spend your time gardening. However, if gardening is something that you’re passionate about, then don’t let something as little as the size of your garden get in the way. You may not be able to do everything that’s possible in the realm of gardening, but you’ll be able to get the gist of it all the same.

There are a few activities that can’t be performed in a garden that is too small, unfortunately. If your garden is smaller than the average garden, that’s not much of a problem, we’re talking about a garden that is so small that you don’t have enough space to grow grass in it. In such gardens, you’ll have to consider some things.

No grass

For such a small garden, you can’t have grass, because the grass will end up taking too much space. You want your space to be divided among plants which you consider important to you. If you think grass is the most important to you, then go ahead and grow some.

No raking

For such a small garden, raking is out of the question. You’ll just have to make sure that you grow such plants which don’t make much of a mess. This way, you can hand pick any broken or left over parts from the plants.

Remember, no garden in which that is big enough for you to take a small stroll in is too small for gardening to take place in. Just get in there and start gardening!

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