How to design a garden – ideas that you cannot ignore

How to design a garden – ideas that you cannot ignore

How to design a garden – ideas that you cannot ignore

The design of gardens is a discipline. It is not a mere process of sowing and later watering as many may think. We have dedicated several lines of time to your care with the help of groundwork builders, but it is time to take things from the beginning.

Suitable for anyone who wants to start in this beautiful art in this post today? How to design a garden there are several aspects to take into account, the first is to determine the zones. We can divide it into several, the most common are reading corner, sunbathing area or area for shade trees. How to design a garden, effect of colors?

They are not the only ones and must obviously fit your needs. Having a preconceived idea on a flat sheet of paper will help to better define ideas. It is then convenient to define what to include in the garden. I refer to fences, lampposts sculptures, planters, umbrellas among others.

Everything depends on the space we have and also the use we will make of the garden. How to design a garden would be nothing without clearly defining the species that we are going to plant. We determine this in a third step; they can be ideal climbing species if we include a pergola. How to design a garden, fountain with showers. Trusted Landscaper Milton Keynes

Shrubs, cactus, aromatic plants or palm trees. If you want also fruit species and vegetables. If you have the possibility you can allocate a budget or commission yourself. It is better to invest in plants, trees and shrubs that are perfect to populate the garden quickly and economically. The first thing is to plant trees and create basic structures such as trails. Then we will add details because in a garden the work never ends. Later ponds or bridges can be added. The idea is to keep it alive with the passage of time and renew it.

DIY creative ideas

We can modify, add other ornamental items or create other areas. We can also add areas of grass if during this time the family grows. They are excellent spaces for children to play. They will be areas where trails or settlements with new species can be created. It is important to define and be clear about the maintenance you will have.

Even before asking ourselves how to design a garden. If we do not have much time, it is best to avoid some species. Let’s apply less turf and more autochthonous plants. We also avoid very formal borders since they require several cuts per year.

Sculptures included

You can use covering species that are perfect for filling spaces. In addition to creating a barrier against the growth of weeds and maintenance depends to a large extent on irrigation and is something that is usually spent time. It is necessary to have control over even the water that we will use. It’s same as the previous point. Sometimes the source of wells has many salts and can limit the species to choose and their development. For this reason, it is necessary to make a selection of plants according to your irrigation needs.

With wooden platform

This is resistance against fungi or parasites and soil preparation. Even the frequency of falling leaves that can give us extra work too. This will lead us to another consideration when we consider how to design a garden. The style you will have, tropical, Arabic, Japanese or simply formal or classic style. Every garden should awaken sensations and from its design, we should plan them. If you wish, it can be closed and intimate, romantic or ordered, or thick and leafy. Other practical valuations consist of assessing our soil and climate.

Corten steel pots

According to these factors, the appropriate selection of species will be made. For land that has less plant richness, it will be necessary to provide them with fertilizers and preparation prior to planting. It is very important that you have control of the pH. There are species such as Hortensia and Gardenia that cannot develop if the pH is acidic.

Rock combination

After having a clear idea of the plants that will make up our garden, it is time to think about the furniture. It is not possible to conceive a garden without a space of rest in which one can calmly contemplate the whole landscape and rest. This selection can often seem difficult because of many issues. In addition to having a pleasant image, the furniture must be resistant and comfortable.

Low watering species

A bad choice may, in the long run, be inconvenient for having a little resistant material for example. On the outside of the house and exposed to moisture would break easily. Therefore, if we think about how to design a garden, the choice of furniture also requires time. You have to concentrate on those who resist the effects of rain or intense sun.

With gravel path

In addition to these aspects, it is vital that it be a model according to the general style we want for our garden. We will now share the main points necessary so that at the time of purchase we make the right choice. We mention the resistance to the sun, humidity and even the wind as the first thing to think about.

DIY vertical garden idea

In second place and no less important is the real space that we have in our garden. This way we will know what really suits us so that the patio is maintained with acceptable functionality. Think about what really suits your needs. A sofa, chairs tables or hammocks are perfect options for dining rooms or a lounge outside.

Pond with rocks

If you think about how to design a garden this detail is important to avoid that the environment looks overloaded in any detail. As with any project, our selection will be determined by the budget in the same way. Always the best is to assess several models and materials according to the budget that we have. In practice, the best proposal is the one that fits the general style of the house and the garden that we design.

Luminaires and dark mulch

For example, if it is a rustic garden the same design line should be followed with the furniture. Taking advantage of the wooden models that always look perfect in this and other styles. For modern gardens, the aesthetics that we recommend in furniture can be minimalist. How to design a garden and the question of furniture in relation to materials is very varied.

Elegant planters

We mentioned a while ago the wood for rustic spaces. The options that exist in the market already have a previous preparation that guarantees its resistance. So it will not be a problem to keep them in good condition for a good period of time. In addition to the rustic, these solutions are ideal for a garden of the classic type. Another good recommendation is rattan in its different versions.

Distribution of plants

It is very fashionable and its resistance is very high. The case of synthetic rattan looks perfect in modern gardens. It resists humidity very well and it will not be necessary to submit it to such a periodic maintenance. With a periodic cleaning is sufficient and can be done easily in all cases. The resin has been extended as material in many cases of furniture for the exterior.

Geometric garden

It is very versatile in terms of the garden styles in which it can be used. So if you think about how to design a garden they are a great addition. Like the rattan cleaning or maintenance is very simple. Any aspect like the rains or the sun will be able to resist it without problems. The metal options should be mentioned, especially aluminum for its lightness and strength. Once these ideas are defined, we only have to put our hands to work. With a selection of images with some ideas on how to design a garden I say goodbye for today.

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