Prepare your garden for the arrival of spring

Prepare your garden for the arrival of spring


 The arrival of spring also marks the end of winter accompanied by bad weather and damage to your garden. A “spring cleaning” is required following frost, snow fell in abundance this year. , during the days when the climate is pleasant at the end of winter, take the opportunity to start preparing and repairing the garden in order to welcome spring on the right foot. Builders Didcot Oxon



Place to sweep

Indeed many of your plants or shrubs in your garden have most certainly been damaged, no panic, the nature of demand that to be pampered. – Plants: During the beautiful days of winter take care of and clean perennial plants also called perennial and all the plants that would have suffered frost. These are not dead, miracle of nature, as you were in hibernation, it will be necessary to cut them without scratching or tearing the roots, you will be very surprised, they will thank you for giving them a chance. – Trees and shrubs: 


The snow that has fallen in your garden will probably have damaged several branches, it will be necessary to cut the dead or damaged branches. Give it a freshness, like when you go to the hairdresser for the arrival of spring. When spring comes we often want something new, and the layout of the garden brings sweetness to the home. Maybe you want a pond and water lilies, a new lawn, a pergola, a new garden table, a swing, a stone barbecue, or a pool, you can use a landscaper for example. 


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About the garden

What better than to be able to eat the fruits of its harvest and its efforts, your kitchen garden also needs to be prepared. At first, it will be a question of checking the state of the tools, to repair them if necessary or to buy new ones if they no longer serve, like the hoe, the watering can, the rake, the spreader, the wheelbarrow, the fork or hoe, etc … 


Then apply a digging and manual weeding or using weed killer. There is a technique to prevent the grass from regrowing before the spring shows the tip of its nose and to sow the fruits and vegetable, it is to cover the ground with thick cardboard by positioning stones so that the cartons do not move. It is early spring that you will need to put the fertilizer. You’re ready for the spring reception,


Plant nutrition

Poor soil – Vegetable garden first, humus feeds plants with the nutrients they need, when they need them. In humus, the minerals needed by plants are not immediately available. Indeed, hummus is not an inert substance, but in perpetual evolution, in which the processes of formation and degradation are concomitant: under the action of the numerous micro-organisms of the soil, the fresh organic matter is humified.


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