Summerhouse for the perfect garden hideout

Summerhouse for the perfect garden hideout

365 days a year, the garden requires constant care. With a lot of patience and care, it brings a great satisfaction to the caring gardener.


Beginner, make sure to get on the right road with these 5 tips! And you, confirmed gardeners, what is your secret for a perfect garden?


No room for improvisation


If you are creating your garden, you must first draw a basic architecture plan. You do not need to have the talent of an artist: a paper and a pencil are enough!


3 additional levels are to consider:


The basic plan: we are representing the elements of the garden, such as the house or the garden shed.

The plan of creation: add the of location home office builders local, games for children, pools or the pool.

The plantation plan: detail the location of trees and plants.


Garden plan


At each plant, it’s placed


A garden is a place of life where all plants have a place. It is, therefore, necessary to plant harmoniously and carefully.


Respect the types of planting: grass, hedge, kitchen garden, orchard, vines, etc. Ask before planting!

Maintain a certain harmony between shapes and colours.

Think about pruning tall trees to avoid smothering other plants.

When to prune?


Know the inhabitants of the garden

Your plants need special attention in the fight against pests. But beware! There is no question of exterminating each antenna because some visitors participate in the good health of your garden.


Parasites of the garden


In addition, wildlife contributes to biodiversity and contributes to the health of your plants.


8 ways to attract wildlife in your garden


Stay hard in the winter

Even if the activity of the garden has not yet resumed, anticipate the spring!


November: ploughing and planting of perennials.

December / January: some sizes for general maintenance.

February: preventive treatment of certain fruit trees, ploughing of the vegetable garden and beginning of the sowing of the bulbs. Depending on the weather, magnolia and lily can take root.

Gardening calendar


Good to know: radishes, carrots, cabbage and salads are planted between December and February!


Checklist to prepare your garden for the arrival of spring


Anticipate the presence of diseases

Sooner or later, a parasite problem can appear: aphids, red or yellow spiders, not to mention earthworms can do significant damage.


If you detect an undesirable, you can use:


Preventive treatment: for plants that are often prone to diseases (roses, fruit trees, vegetable garden).

A curative treatment: based on manure or insecticide.

Garden treatment


Are you looking for high quality and durable wooden summerhouses? With us, you will receive a wide selection of different types of practical yet attractive garden sheds in different qualities and wall thicknesses.


Choose wall thickness at the garden house

Not only the size and capacity are crucial for your garden shed, but also the right wall thickness. Depending on the area of use your garden house is intended for, the wall thickness should be oriented towards it. For the storage of gardening tools, a small wall thickness is often sufficient. However, if you want to use your garden house as a place to stay, the strength should be a bit higher. No matter how you decide:




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